Personal Branding

How do I value myself? What do I see in myself that differentiates from others? These are some of my thoughts when establishing my own brand. Personal branding plays an integral part of our lives. The impression others would view us will be based on our own brand, and ultimately depends how much we value ourselves to becoming who we are today. This process, of course, takes time and conscientious effort in developing and managing our own image.

I like to see myself as someone who is adaptable to changes. For instance, the activities I participated in class require me to have a high level of team bonding and interaction among my classmates. There were opportunities for me to lead the team and there were times where I took a step back and allowing my classmates to lead in our group projects or activities. This in turn has allowed me to manage my communication expectations, in the form of a leader as well as a follower.

There is no doubt that being a leader is wonderful. Though I agree that a title to our name validates who we are, in my opinion, it does not exactly define who and what we really are. Being either a leader or a follower does not define who I am, and because I know my worth, I can take a step back and allow others to shine as a leader too. Thus my capability in adapting to changes between both roles has also enhanced my relationship building and rapport with my team members through various communication styles.

As we value more of ourselves, I am certain there are plenty of open doors awaiting for us. With all that being said, I am grateful for the learning and self-improvement opportunities every single day. After all, I believe our personal growth and journey aids in establishing our individual brand and image.

I trust that you, the reader, would enjoy my writing 🙂 Cheers to greater purpose and success in life!


2 thoughts on “Personal Branding

  1. Hey Adora, your post about personal branding was very insightful and your positivity is certainly something I hope I can learn from. Your self-awareness on when to take the lead and when to step back is admirable. I liked your use of rhetorical questions as part of the introduction.

    Here are some minor suggestions (in parentheses) on how I think you may improve this reflection writing.

    –>The impression (we leave on others) will be based on our own brand,…
    –> For instance, the activities I participated in class (required) me to…..
    –>I like to see myself as someone who is adaptable to (change)…
    –>As we value (ourselves more), I am certain there are plenty of open doors (awaiting us)…..

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